Adding a Splash of Color into the Classroom: Local Artist Paints Murals for Belton School

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BELTON, Texas — Josue Rivera and his wife Riki, the co-founders of Laced & Found, have been hard at work getting the Belton Early Childhood School ready for the upcoming school year – and the children will have a lot to look forward to.

“Spray paint for me is just…’s where I come from,” Josue said. “Originally, the plan was to try and get a total of, like, 29 artists in here to do each room. But the way timing works, and for us to get it done, it would’ve been months of planning. And so, me and Riki just decided to take the project on on our own.”

Each room on a wing of the school will have a different theme. Themes will repeat on the other wings, but all the murals will be different and completely custom.

Each room takes about three and a half hours to complete.

“We just take it, and we just morph it all into one,” he said. “And that’s just really the fun in it, is being able to. We were given the freedom to go ahead and try and just have fun with each and every different wall. So making them all different was something that truly excited us.”

Josue and Riki aren’t the only ones who are excited. Teachers, faculty, and families can’t wait to get back into the classroom and to work with and around these beautiful murals.

“So, I’m extremely excited for our kids and teachers to walk into their new learning spaces with this inspiration on the walls,” Gabi Nino, the Executive Director of Elementary School Leadership, said. “It’s exciting. The murals that bring the experiences to life. The other thing is the murals themselves are really an illustration of our partnerships within the community.”

Each room will be filled with activities aligning with the mural on the wall, and students will shift rooms every two weeks to experience each theme.

For more information about the project, you can click here. For more information about Laced & Found, click here.

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