WACO, Texas – After watching the disturbance at the country’s Capitol, it is hard not to share how you feel about the destruction and violence. It is important to communicate with students about the what is happening around them.

“What’s happening is that children and younger people, teens as well, when it comes to something like this, in the home they are often not given an opportunity to express their own opinion. It tends to be what people tell them to feel or what is the safe opinions to have within their household,” says Gahmya Drummond-Bey, an international curriculum designer.

Drummond-Bey created a method to help teachers and parents discuss the current political events in a respectful manner with children.

“What the C.A.R.E. Method does is, it’s really putting the kids and younger people’s feelings first without us telling them what our opinions are. Without us saying this side is right or this side is wrong,” says Drummond-Bey.

The C.A.R.E Method stands for Consider, Acknowledge, Remind, and Empower.

“The point of it is for them to feel safe and secure in this learning environment and confident in their learning environment for them to be able to process things,” says Drummond-Bey.

She has already experienced three pandemics in her lifetime, and can share from her personal experience the importance of creating a careful connection with her students that will help them during these difficult times.

“What’s important right now to help them process these extreme emotions, coupled with what’s happening with as far as COVID and emotional difficulties as well, since so many people have been staying at home for prolonged periods of time or separate from the normal types of communication and connection that they’re used to,” says Drummond-Bey.