UPDATE: Armed robbery leads to SWAT standoff

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WACO, Texas – UPDATE: All three of those individuals have been released, but are still listed as persons of interest for not only this robbery – but also previous robberies.

As for the activation of the Waco PD SWAT Team, the department says all three individuals were found inside of an apartment close to the area. The focus of the apartment was to detain those inside, which was done, and then conduct a search warrant in the apartment – which is believed to be connected to the robberies, as well.

At this time, no suspect or persons of interest have been arrested or charged with anything regarding Monday’s events, and have all three been released. Investigators are still working hard in piecing together evidence in reference to these crimes, and will continue to do so.

Below is the original text from this story:

A gas station robbery on Monday morning led to a SWAT standoff at the Tennyson Arms Apartments.

“The Waco PD SWAT Team made entry into an apartment, but thankfully there was no one in the apartment. So what we were looking at did resolve peacefully,” says Officer Garen Bynum, of the Waco Police Department.

Police believe the robbery at the Chevron station was connected to nine other gas station robberies along the same stretch of road.

“We have two people in custody in connection with that at this time. They have not been charged with anything. And right now, they are being interviewed by investigators,” says Bynum.

It’s uncertain if the two people are connected to the other robberies which have taken place in the same area.

“In the recent weeks, we’ve had nine robberies that have taken place along 701 Lake Air and 616 Lake Air, which are the two gas stations at the intersection of Lake Air and Sanger [Avenue],” says Bynum.

The two suspects have been taken in for questioning.

“We don’t know their connection to all of the robberies as far as the previous robberies that have occurred, but investigators will be looking into that connection, as well,” says Bynum.

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