Arrest affidavit says Austin mass shooting linked to shooting in Killeen

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UPDATE: The Travis County District Attorney announced on June 22, 2021 that charges against Jeremiah Tabb were dropped.

Original report:

AUSTIN — A deadly mass shooting in Austin started as n argument between two groups of teens on East Sixth Street, according to an Austin Police arrest affidavit for Killeen teenager Jeremiah Roshaun Leeland James Tabb. One person died and 13 others were injured June 12th.

APD says 17-year-old Tabb pulled a gun from his waistband as he and his “crew” walked by another group of people, exchanged words with them, and then started shooting.

jeremiah Tabb

The affidavit says as the group Tabb was in walked by the other group, Tabb said, “What y’all wanna do? Y’all wanna fight?” A minor from the other group replied with, “it’s whatever”. According to the affidavit, that’s when Tabb pulled out his gun and started shooting.

The same juvenile said Tabb shot him in the leg a few days before in Killeen, the affidavit said. A police report from Killeen police supported the juvenile’s claim that Tabb was the primary suspect in that shooting, as well.

Another minor police interviewed said the group immediately starting running away and heard gunshots behind him.

The shooting killed 25-year-old Douglas Kantor, who was visiting Austin, and injured 13 others. One of the 13 who were injured, identified by family members as Jessica Ramirez, was fighting for her life in the hospital after being shot. Family members said she needed back surgery because of her injuries.

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