WACO, Texas – Two more arrests have been made in the Waco burglary ring.

The multi-jurisdictional effort from several different agencies began about six weeks ago, according to Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

The Sheriff’s Office says his deputies are not only going after the thieves, but after people purchasing the stolen merchandise, as well.

Dustin Warren Pitts and Barry Blagg have been added to the list of those engaging in criminal activity and theft.

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WACO, TX- The Criminal Investigation Division of the Mclennan County Sheriff’s Office busted a large theft and burglary ring.

This massive burglary bust spanned across several central texas counties including McLennan, Lampasas, Navarro and Bell county.

“We’re not going to let up on these thieves and these thugs that are out there stealing property from our good citizens. We take it very personal and we’re going to do everything we can to get their property back ad see that these people go to jail and justice is served,” said Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

The pictures of the stolen items are spread across a table in the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office.

“Alot of the things that they’re stealing these low down thieves, are tools that people use everyday to make a living. Its their livelyhood,” said McNamara.

At this hour, teams are said to be still on the streets rounding up suspects.

Most of the suspects arrested will be charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, which is a felony charge.

So far 9 warrants have been attained with 6 or 7 more people expected to be charge within the next few days.

“This investigation is not over. Its going to be continuing. We’re going to have the heat turned up on these jerks and we’re not going to let up.”

The multi jurisdicitonal effort from several different agencies began about 6 weeks ago according to Sheriff Parnell Mcnamara.

The Sheriff’s office says his deputies are not only going after the thieves but after people purchasing the stolen merchandise as well.

So for folks who believe they may have purchased merchandise that can possibly be linked to this burglary ring, the Sheriff says reach out while there’s time.

“If you want to come forward and contact us at this point, we’ll be able to work with you; but, if we have to come see you first, we’re going to file charges on you and we will put you in jail also for being part of this burglary ring for buying the stolen merchandise.” McNamara said.