Attempted break in at the Humane Society of Central Texas

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WACO, Texas – The Humane Society of Central Texas is cleaning up after a disgruntled man attempted to break in over the weekend.

“There was a gentleman who came to our facility and started throwing rocks at our windows. When he was done throwing the rocks, he started throwing some of the metal benches we have outside,” says Paula Rivadeneira, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Central Texas.

Rivadeneira says the man damaged parts of the building.

“He was able to break through some of the windows in our lobby, as well as in our conference room, and the city building as well. He broke their front two doors and a window there, as well. Lucky for us though, he didn’t break all the way through. We have double-pane windows so he only got through the first pane,” says Rivadeneira.

The man claims the shelter had stolen his dog.

“His dog has been in and out of the shelter a few times, and this last time he did not claim his dog and we ended up adopting his dog out. We gave him many opportunities to come get his dog, and did not do that by the deadline,” says Rivadeneira.

A dog can be on stray hold for three days in the state of Texas. After the 72 hours are up, the dog is available for adoption.

“We don’t want to keep an animal in the shelter any longer then we have to, and when that family came to adopt the dog, of course, we wanted it to go to a wonderful place,” says Rivadeneira.

The shelter says along with the damage to the building, an employee’s foster dog, named Drax, injured himself in a panic during the incident.

“We had him in the conference room for just a little bit, and that’s when the metal bench hit the window. And Drax, of course, was terrified. He scratched his kennel in fear trying to get out and ripped off a couple of his nails,” says Rivadeneira.

Drax was rushed into medical, where he was immediately taken care of.

“He’s doing well now. He’s at home and in bed,” says Rivadeneira.

The staff is just happy the incident wasn’t any worse.

“We are so relieved that everyone is here is safe. Both the Humane Society and the city staff did an amazing job at locking down the facility during the incident and keeping all the animals safe,” says Rivadeneira.

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