Attempted theft of marijuana leads to big possession charge

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In a touch of irony, a man police say admitted stealing marijuana sent to another person has now been charged with possession of marijuana over five pounds.

Ronte Osyrus Ross was arrested after a warrant was obtained in the Copperas Cove case.

Investigators who had been working a case involving marijuana being sent to the area from Riverside, California had been tracking a package sent from there to an address in Copperas Cove.

Copperas Cove Police along with the US Postal Service and the Bell County Organized Crime Unit had been working together and had gotten a federal search warrant for a priority mail express package being sent to an address on Letzke Circle in Cove.

The package was intercepted and examined and was found to contain a rectangularly shaped wooden box made of plywood with the inner box containing about fifteen pounds of high grade marijuana.

The box was repacked to appear that it had not been opened and it was returned to the mail street.

The arrest affidavit stated that another search warrant was then obtained for the address to which it had been sent.

The affidavit said the package was received by a man later identified as Ronte Ross.

The affidavit stated that when questioned about the package, officers were taken to the backyard where they found the torn packaging and later found the wooden box that had been hidden.

The affidavit stated that Ross gave a statement that he tried to get into the box to steal some of the marijuana then admitted he was going to steal the whole box and say it never arrived.

He claimed to not have any direct involvement in the direct shipping of the boxes and did not implicate anyone else or say how he knew what was in the package.

The box was confirmed to contain 13 sealed packages of marijuana with a total weight of 15.29 pounds with packaging.

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