Fort Hood soldiers detained a man facing a murder charge in Austin.

Fort Hood Media Relations says as James Derks tried to make a delivery onto the post Tuesday, soldiers scanned his ID. That revealed he had warrants for murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Travis County.

The soldiers took him into custody and then drove him to the Bell County Jail. Travis County authorities took him back to face charges.

According to our sister station KXAN, Austin police arrested Derks in May for running over a man and killing him, calling it a case of road rage.

A look into Derks’ driving history shows that in the past decade, more than forty people have called police about road rage incidents involving cars registered in his name.

In the most recent case, Derks is accused of tailgating another car on South Pleasant Valley Road. When the driver got out to confront him, police say Derks hit the gas and ran the man over before driving away.

Chris Zimmer, the Deputy Director of Emergency Services says, “This was a great example of using available technology by area law enforcement agencies to coordinate with each other to increase the opportunities to apprehend fugitives wherever and whenever they may come in contact with law enforcement personnel.”