A 40-year-old Axtell man who had gone to the McLennan County courthouse for a court date on a stalking charge found himself being arrested Thursday on yet another stalking charge involving the same victim.

Robinson police report serving Nathaniel Earl Tierce with a new warrant as he showed up for court.

Police say that Tierce had been under an order not to communicate with a former family member in Robinson after his earlier arrest and police say he had in fact been doing so, resulting in distress for the victim.

Lt Tracy O’Connor said that Tierce was alleged to have sent multiple written communications by letters and texts to the victim that were obscene and harassing in nature on October 9.

On October 28, Tierce was alleged to have sent multiple texts to the victim and approached the victim at a sporting event in Waco where the victim is a coach of a youth soccer team where he is accused of displaying harassing and annoying behavior at the event.

He was booked into the McLennan County Jail Thursday on the third degree felony charge.