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WACO, Texas: With more than a month of the spring semester gone, the partnership between Baylor University and MyLabsDirect has seen small roadblocks but the labs say they are processing over 3,000 COVID tests a day in an effort to test the entire student population every week.

One of the things MyLabsDirect CEO Justin Simons has emphasized about the testing process is getting a quick turnaround to students.

“We’ve narrowed down our turnaround times for student testing and campus testing to, by and large, same day results,” Simons said.

The lab, like the rest of the state, experienced an unexpected hiccup with winter storm Uri, one that Baylor president Dr. Linda Livingstone said actually caused an uptick in COVID cases on campuses.

“There’s a number of reasons we can speculate, I would say it’s just people perhaps staying in close proximity or maybe going from dorm to dorm or really just gathering in smaller spaces could possibly be a contributing factor,” Simons said.

With the tests flowing as planned now, MyLabsDirect is looking to make a bigger impact in the Waco community.

“I think our objective now as an organization, now that we feel like we’ve got everything seamlessly operating, is to open up the opportunities to local businesses in Waco,” Simons said. “They can take benefit of essentially a low cost, high throughput alternative for corporate testing as well.”

While they are already in talks with the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce to help businesses with their testing, they could be making it available to the average citizen as well.

“My Labs Direct is here to help the local community,” Simons said. “We’ve even discussed and will be likely opening up an off-campus testing location for consumers populations in Waco as well.”

You can find out more about MyLabsDirect here.

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