WACO, Texas – Joel Burke is a long time Baylor Bears fan, Burke feel in love with the team because his father went to Baylor University in the 1950’s.

“I wish he could be here, he died eight years ago but he got to see an early glimpse of the growth of the basketball program before he passed away,” says Baylor fan Joel Burke.

Growing up it was a tradition for them to watch the Baylor basketball and football games together. This year watching Baylor bring home the National Championship title, it brought Joel so many emotions.

“When we were watching the championship game I was sitting there, I got a recliner, I was thinking I wish my dad was here to see this, he and I would be high fiving,” says Burke.

Since Baylor Bears brought home the trophy, Joel says he rewatches the highlights from the championship game like it was the first time.

“I would say at least once or twice every night since they won the championship game, I’m on YouTube watching the highlights again and cheering again standing up as if it was the first time,” says Burke.

As exciting it was to hear the Baylor Men’s basketball team bring home the trophy.

“When I was looking at twitter the other day and I saw there was going to be championship basketball parade I looked at Shelly and said you want to go? Yes lets go,” says Burke.

Being the fanatic that he is, Joel and his fiancé Shelly traveled from Dallas to come see the parade in person.

“So we’re here to celebrate, even though I never officially went to school at Baylor, it feels like family to me, it just does,” says Burke.