MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas – There are more than half a million children in foster care across the nation. Of those, 129,000 are waiting to be adopted.

On Friday, 24 children in McLennan County became part of their forever families.

“Remi was a blessing from the moment she entered the door. She was born on the 24th, we got her on the 27th,” says mother Johnnie Savage.

After a long road, Johnnie and James Savage finally adopted two-year-old Raven.

“I’m about to bust. [laughs] It’s been a long wait,” says Savage.

The two have children from previous relationships, and now Raven is officially theirs.

“It’s been a long whole year, because it’s been a year just for the adoption process to get it done. And so, yeah. I’m tingling, because that’s how good it is right now. [laughs]” says Savage.

Friday afternoon’s big adoption event is put together each year by faculty and students of Baylor Law.

“I didn’t expect this. Not at all,” says Savage.

It was created by Professor Bridget Fuselier in 2008.

“The beginning wasn’t easy for any of them, and it’s been a long process. And it’s finally kind of the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’ They get to say, ‘This really is my family.’ And just keep on loving them and giving them something that their life didn’t start off with,” says Professor Fuselier.

This year’s theme, “Adoptions are Incredible,” is based on the movie The Incredibles to show everyone parents are superheroes too.

“Superheroes don’t necessarily have to have super strength and magic force fields. You are a superhero for another reason,” says Professor Fuselier.

Giving each child and family member the best gift of them all.

“Like I told her from the beginning, she’s my first, my last, my everything,”
says James Savage.

Since the programs start, over 300 children have been adopted by nearly 200 loving families.