WACO, Texas. The Hunt County Sheriff’s Department is searching for the shooting suspect accused of killing 2 people and injuring more than a dozen.

Investigators say the shooting happened around 11:30 on Saturday night during a Texas A & M Commerce homecoming party, 15 miles away from the campus.

“As a result, we’ve got 14 victims that have been treated at numerous hospitals for various injuries and unfortunately, we do have two people who are deceased,” says Buddy Oxford of the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department.

On Sunday, Baylor University’s students were shocked while finding out the news.

“I think that’s definitely insane. You hear about shootings on college campuses all the time or like at college parties but to hear that it happened so close where I know people attend, is mind blowing to me,” says Freshman Gwen Hayden.

Hayden says tragedies like this one are less likely to happen at Baylor.

“We’re a dry campus obviously so no drinking on campus and they’re very strict about drinking off campus,” says Hayden.

Others credit the school’s tight security.

“Baylor does a good job, the police are always around,” says Senior,Preston Hart.

Hayden has a strong message to college partygoers.

“Kids definitely need to be more careful though because this could happen anywhere,” she adds.

Investigators say nearly 750 people attended the homecoming party. Many whom were in their teens and early 20’s. The cause of the shooting is unknown at this time.