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WACO, Texas – Cameras were flickering in the U.S. Capitol, capturing the moments as another phase of a historical impeachment begins.

A world-wide audience was watching it unfold – and here in Waco, college students are engaging in a conversation about what’s happening.

“Its a very interesting point in history. Like, I know I’m going to tell my grandkids about this in the similar way that my grandma used to talk about Nixon and the Watergate and all of that,” says April Salazar, a Baylor student.

“This is something that my kids are going to be reading about when they go to their history classes. The fact that it made it this far is historical,” says Jon Bugge, another Baylor student.

President Trump’s impeachment process, regardless on what end of the spectrum people find themselves on, is something students say they will remember.

But opinions vary when it comes the details of the President’s impeachment. For example, if substantial evidence has been shown against the president or if there’s a fair method in place to do so.

“I think they’ve….should’ve done more investigating so far. From what I hear, they don’t really have concrete proof of anything,” says James Osteen, a Baylor Sophomore.

“I do think there is probably enough evidence. It just seems like there is just a lot of loopholes that need to be fixed too,” says Adrianna Geegan, a Baylor Senior.

One student pointed out people’s refusal Tuesday to simply talk about the issues outside of their social circles.

“They’re in their little echo chambers and they’re not having respectful conversations with other people and willing to listen to the other side and willing to let their mind be changed,” says Thomas Gill.

Another student we spoke with believes the results pending if the president were to be convicted weren’t fully thought out.

“I think its really easy to say, ‘We don’t like this person. Let’s get them out of office.’ But you also have to think of the effects after that process and who would be taking the place of the person who would be leaving,” says Serena McArthur.

Regardless of where folks stand politically, a Baylor student points out what this process reveals about our country.

“From what I’ve seen, this process kind of embodies that divide that America is currently in,” says Gill.

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