WACO, Texas- Baylor University released the full report outlining the historic ties with slavery and the confederacy.

Some students see the report as a step into the right direction while others hope to see more change come to campus.

“Some folks will be extremely pleased to see that the recommendation was to not to remove the judge Baylor statue, we will have others that are concerned about that and wish that had been a recommendation,” says Baylor University President Linda Livingstone.

One student I reached out to today shared with me her thoughts on the recent reports.

“I think that Baylor can just recognize the racial injustice that they have on campus now rather than try to cover it up and that will be a lot better than trying to tear it down,” says Baylor student Chloe Carmona.

As part of the plan administrator announced additions to the campus.

“We also announced today that we are going to add commission statues of our first two black graduates Reverend Gilbert and Miss Walker,” says Livingstone.

While another student isn’t satisfied with this gesture, saying it doesn’t go far enough.

“To hear that Baylor isn’t really doing much about it besides adding new statues which okay cool but it doesn’t solve the issue that they’re still supporting that even if its unconsciously,” says Jamie Lynch.

Baylor University hopes that as students read the reports they can get a full understanding of the history, they also encourage feedback on it.

“Theres a lot we can move forward from and recognizing the past and if they try to add more statues and teach rather than hide the past, I think that would be more important,” says Carmona.