WACO, Texas: The Baylor branch of the Young Conservatives of Texas created a social media frenzy last week after posting some controversial tweets targeting the LGBTQ community and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now, students and alumni are trying to get Baylor to disassociate with the organization.

One student started an online petition to get the Young Conservatives kicked off campus.

Tweets said Christians could not be “allies” to the LGBTQ community, and another one targeted at the community’s allies read:

“Are you an ally to Child-Rapists or Serial Killers? Do we not condemn these actions? So if you believe homosexuality is biblically sinful, why would we not condemn this sin?”

Young Conservatives chairman Jake Neidert wrote the tweets. He says he doesn’t believe this is a bad comparison.

“I’m a southern Baptist and it is within very many congregations and denominations of Christianity still believe that homosexuality is a sin,” Neidert said. “I would not say [the tweet] is a stretch.”

The group believes the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t align with their Christian beliefs, either.

“There are a lot of pastors I know of, particularly in the evangelical world, even black pastors that are right now calling out the Black Lives Matter movement for seizing this opportunity for power and exploiting a community that does need help,” Neidert said.

Students and alumni on Twitter found the tweets hateful and hostile, even tagging the university in their responses.

“I would be hard-pressed to find anyone that is unwelcome at Baylor, it’s just: will Baylor conform to their world view?” Neidert asked. “Will Baylor charter an organization that is antithetical to its statement on human sexuality?”

Baylor GAY, and LGBTQ organization has been denied affiliation by the school for nearly a decade now. Their president, Emma Fraley, says the Twitter controversy actually shed a light on what they see as the good side of university.

“The outporuing of support we have seen from individuals in the Baylor community has been very encouraging for me and I think for many other members of Baylor G.A.Y. as well, just to see individuals, LGBTQ or not, to take to the internet and say ‘these are not things that we stand for,'” Fraley said.

Baylor GAY thinks the Young Conservatives do deserve a voice on campus, just not the only voice.

“It’s not so much of a ‘let’s remove Baylor YAF (Young America’s Foundation) or let’s remove Baylor YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas,) because I think that their perspectives are valid.” Fraley said. “I might not agree with them but they have a right to say what they want to say, we’re only asking for the same treatment for ourselves.”