Bell County Deputy saves baby’s life

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A Bell County Sheriff’s Deputy is being credited with saving the life of a 14-day-old baby.

It started with a 9-1-1 call from a foster mother, who said her 14-day-old baby had turned blue and had become unresponsive while they were traveling in a vehicle. She had pulled her vehicle over near Rogers to call for help.

“That’s when Deputy Hearn pulled up and almost immediately,” the baby’s foster mother said. “He took her and did CPR on her for almost nine minutes.”

Deputy Shawn Hearn was close to the area and was able to respond very quickly. Check out the video of the rescue below:

Once on the scene, Deputy Hearn began performing CPR on the infant and continued for nine minutes until emergency medical personnel arrived.

“He was able to calm all of us down,” the foster mother said. “He kind of kept re-assuring us, telling me what was going on with her until the ambulance arrived.”

Once placed in the ambulance, the infant began breathing on her own and was taken to a hospital for further treatment.

“We are very thankful for him and so grateful that he showed up yesterday,” the foster mother said. “I’m not sure that she would have made it to the hospital if it wasn’t for him.”

On top of Deputy Hearn’s bravery, the baby’s eight-year-old sister sat next to her on the ride, tracking her heart beats along the way.

“She was very brave, but very scared,” the foster mother said. “She was crying, and she was very upset about it, but she held it together and she was able to help me as I was trying to get closer to the hospital.”

On Tuesday, the child was reported to be doing well and continuing to breathe on her own.

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