Bell County Sheriffs Department on Enforcing “Shelter In Place” Order

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Bell County, TX- With Bell county’s shelter in place order in effect, many are wondering how such an order is enforced .

To answer questions that residents might have about the order, Fox 44 spoke with the Bell County Sheriffs Office about the order and how the Sheriffs office is enforcing it. According to Lt. Bob Reinhard, the daily routine patrols of Bell County Sheriff’s deputies go on as normal, however, he says, if they receive information that leads them to believe someone is not following the shelter in place order, the will follow up and investigate. Since the order has been in place, Lt. Reinhard says that the Sheriff’s department has seen no violations.

Lt Reinhard also says that if residents have questions concerning the shelter in place order, they should call the Bell County COVID19 Phone Bank at 254-933-5203.

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