KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) – AdventHealth Central Texas, in a partnership with Central Texas College, is beginning a new program they say is the “first-of-its-kind.”

The CLIP, or Comprehensive Lifestyle Intervention Program, kicks off on Monday, September 12. AdventHealth says the program consists of interactive classes which provide participants with the information to make long-term decisions which could drastically improve their quality of health and life. The program will last ten weeks.

Each interactive class is led by a health professional whose goal is to empower participants to make long-term health changes. Nutrition classes are led by a registered dietitian who will guide them in using food as medicine to improve health. Exercise classes, conducted by a trained kinesiologist, will give them an opportunity to participate in water aerobics and to learn exercises which can be modified at home.

AdventHealth says another goal of the program is to transform patients into better surgical candidates for joint replacement surgery. It focuses on the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine – which have proven to promote weight loss and improve important health biometrics.

To be considered as a candidate for the CLIP program, you must have a BMI of 35-50 and at least one other medical condition along with advanced osteoarthritis. You can reach out to Program Coordinator Rodhi De Carvalho at 512-734-2841, or by e-mail at