KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) — While you have your eye on purchasing a big gift this Black Friday, thieves may also be looking at what you just bought.

“Any big, large purchases that you do make, take the time to take those home,” says Killeen Police Department spokesperson, Ofelia Miramontez.

Killeen PD spokesperson Ofelia Miramontez also says it’s important to protect your personal belongings.

“Females, hold on to your purses. Because in an instant that you turn your back away, someone’s going to snatch your purse. So, you know, make sure you have your purses close by or if you don’t need to take one, don’t take one at all,” says Miramontez.

Stores are known to get congested during Black Friday. If you’re out and about Miramontez recommends you leave the younger children at home.

“You’re in parking lots and cars are coming and going that you have that visibility on your child or your children while you’re out shopping this weekend,” says Miramontez.

In the city of Killeen there will be heavy police presence around town to ensure everyone stays safe.

“We’ll have them out and about in the larger areas, such as the mall over on Lowe’s boulevard, where the Kohl’s store is and the Walmart. Those tend to get pretty congested,” says Miramontez.

And if you don’t feel like going out to the store, Miramontez wants to remind those who are shopping online, to not share your credit card information on unknown websites.

“If you’re not going to be home when these purchases are going to arrive. Make some arrangements with a neighbor or family member to be there to receive those those items,” says Miramontez.

Killeen police department would also like to remind those who are purchasing items from a third party such as Facebook Marketplace, there is a safe zone at the police department where sellers and buyers can make the exchange.