Belton, Tx (FOX 44) – Shortly after polling places opened for the first day of early voting, the Bell County Elections Department received word there was an issue with the race for Salado Public Library District Trustee.

The race appeared on the ballots for all voters within the Village of Salado. However, it was missing for voters outside the village – but within the Salado Independent School District.

Proofs of ballots were mailed to the Village of Salado, Salado ISD, and the Salado Public Library District on April 6. Both the library and school district made slight edits to the proofs, but no mention was made of the race not appearing on the Salado ISD ballot.

Elections Department staff contacted the Texas Secretary of State’s Office by 8:00 a.m. to consult on how best to proceed.

“Our desire was to create a provisional ballot for voters who voted Monday but were unable to vote on the race,” Interim Elections Administrator Shay Luedeke said. “However, the Secretary of State told us that was not an option, and that no one would be allowed to vote a second time.”

To address the issue moving forward, the Elections Department is creating an emergency paper ballot, which will be used by all Salado ISD voters outside of the village. These ballots will be utilized for all remaining days of early voting and on Election Day. They will be hand-counted by the Ballot Review Board.