BELTON, Texas (FOX 44) — The Bell County Commissioners Court met early this morning to tackle an ongoing controversial agenda, the confederate soldier statue on the northwest corner of Courthouse Square.

For the past few years, some county leaders and members of the community have been advocating for the removal of the confederate statue, that has been in the City of Belton for over a hundred years.

And today, newly elected Bell County Precinct 4 Commissioner Louie Minor shares that he does not believe this is as much a priority for the other Commissioners as it is for him.

“I’m going to push for action every day that I’m here, because as you can tell, I see it every day out my window. So every day I see it every day I’m going to have some type of action to to move forward and come up with the solution that all Bell County residents can can do,” shares Minor.

Solutions and compromises for removing the statue include fundraising to move the statue to a different place, like the museum in Belton. Minor is open to working with the community to calculate an estimate that will allow for that venture.

After today’s session over the topic, many opposing views outweighed those in favor of removing the statue. Lots of mixed emotions filled the room with some speaking very passionately about the issue.

One individual sharing why Bell County should follow the lead of other states.

“Richmond, Virginia, that was the capital of the confederacy. Had more statues compared to most and they took down all of them,” shares Bell County Public Participant Jose Martinez.

Another opposing completely.

“This is not a confederate statue. This is a confederate veterans statue…The only people that care about that statue being removed are people who are insecure in who they are,” shares Bell County Public Participant CJ Grisham.

Some members of the Belton community want to follow the lead of other ares like Fort Hood, by erasing the stain of confederacy from their names and monuments.

FOX 44 News reached out to other members of the Commissioners Court for comment but did not hear back from them.

Commissioner Louie Minor encourages that the community stays engaged and attentive.

For more information, you can visit the Bell County website.