Bell County, Tx (FOX 44) – The Bell County Water Control and Improvement District #1 is on track for a major project to provide backup electrical power for its operation to head off any future problems in supplying water to area cities in the event of a power failure.

WCID #1 General Manager Ricky Garrett said despite rapidly increasing prices, the plan is to go ahead with the full 10-megawatt capacity for the facility.

He noted that price increases are hitting across the board but especially with generators and electrical equipment due to the market and the price of copper.

The district board earlier this week voted to go ahead with the authorization

to proceed with the necessary project components including the design-build contract with Rpower, Woodlands, Texas, the Atmos metering station and the Oncor transformer purchase in the amount not to exceed $15,997,700.

Garrett noted that the prices should be locked in for all the major components now.

Each of the contributing entities that get water from the district have been asked to increase their contribution to keep the project at the 10-megawatt level.

Garrett said the Copperas Cove council voted on that this past Tuesday evening, with the Killeen council to have it on a January agenda. 

Garrett said that the goal is to have the system on-line by July 1, 2023, though there is some concern that some equipment delivery times may keep them from meeting this goal.

Garrett said that high tech companies such as Meta and Samsung are all gearing up for the same reasons…to keep service levels up in the event of a prolonged electrical outage.