BELTON, TX (FOX 44) – After having record breaking water usage for weeks in Belton, the city is now seeing a decrease.

In the last two days, Belton community members used between 200,000 to 500,000 less gallons than in previous weeks.

This was made possible by asking homeowners to split days for when they water outside and asking large water consumers to adjust their schedules.

“Around July 14th is when we asked residents to change their irrigation schedules, and what we were seeing prior to that was about two weeks to a month with kind of record usage in Belton,” said Paul Romer, public information officer for the City of Belton.

Belton currently has two water tanks, one holding 500,000 gallons and the other 700,000.

Romer says for nearly a week this July, the community used over six million gallons a day. Usage rarely seen in the city’s history.

“Prior to that we had two in the City of Belton,” said Romer.

The peak time for water consumption in Belton is from midnight to 8 a.m. with homeowners and organizations watering grass overnight.

Asking the community to save water in past summers, Romer says this year is different as they prepare to build a new water tower.

“There’s just a greater need to restrict water usage so that we can meet demand and peak times, and that’s really where the challenge has been just during those early morning hours, peak demand,” said Romer.

Seeing the initial decrease last week, Romer says the new water tower in North Belton will be complete in April next year holding 1 million gallons.

“That should alleviate some of the concerns we have administratively right now with our water systems, so next year, we hope this problem is not there,” said Romer.

With much of the region being under level one drought conditions, Romer still encourages Belton community members to use water sparingly.