BELTON, Texas (FOX 44) – Central Texans are already out and about starting their Fourth of July celebrations.

Belton Rodeo kicked off their Fourth of July celebration today with military appreciation night.

“These future airmen, soldiers, Marines, [and] sailors will be taking the oath of enlistment.” says Technical Sergeant Chistopher Sigler.

He continues, “To showcase all of the new enlistees joining the military from all branches and four star general Funk is also here to provide that oath of them listening tonight.”

Tonight at the rodeo, they honored men and women in uniform. Those who fought for our country were excited to be out tonight.

“I’ve been to this rodeo for 20 years now, and that’s a bigger crowd, greater crowd, right when they celebrate the military close to Fort Hood.” said Korea Veteran, Hayden Reeves.

Hayden Reeves has served for the Air Force since 1952.

“And I spent 26 years and 17 days and 4 hours so it was a good career. I worked on the big airplanes, supported Korea, supported Vietnam, and many other national hero supporting.” said Korea Veteran, Hayden Reeves.

The arena was filled with the military forces and their families.

“It feels awesome to have all of the military community together. All of us branches mixed in together, not just one single branch singled out. It’s really going to feel good just to see their brothers and sister branches out here together tonight.” says Technical Sergeant Chistopher Sigler.