BELTON, Texas (Fox 44) — Beyond the Call of Duty is a nonprofit organization that honors officers who died in the line of duty. It started its tour on June 1, and will continue for 80 days.

Esteban “Stevie” Ramirez was a part of the Bell County Sheriff’s office and died last year.

“I want people to know how humble he was, how dedicated he was to protecting the citizens of the Bell County,” Esteban Ramirez’s mom Mary Ramirez said. “He wanted to make sure everybody was safe.”

Beyond the Call of Duty stops at each department across the country that has lost an officer the year before.
This year they are going to 268 departments over 80 days, traveling about 23,000 miles.

“It’s really important for the families to know that their loved ones are not going to be forgotten,” Beyond the Call of Duty founder J.C. Shah said. “And it’s really important for the department to know that their pain and suffering is being felt across the nation.”

Esteban “Stevie” Ramirez was loved by many, and people who knew him could not say enough good things about him.

“Steve did things for people and never talked about it,” Mary Ramirez said.

Mary Ramirez says she and her son were very close. They talked every day and lived right next to each other.

“I did some things that really drove him crazy, I’m sure,” Mary Ramirez said.

She is grateful for how her son has been remembered and honored since his death.

“It is just flat amazing,” Mary Ramirez said.

And, she says the community support is overwhelming.

“The letters, the calls, the flowers, everything,” Mary Ramirez said. “And some of these deputies were with us the entire time, side by side with us.”

She says the deputies in Bell County are amazing, and it’s important to support them.

“We lost a life who devoted it to protecting you,” Mary Ramirez said. “But there’s deputies here who will do the same, so support your law enforcement.”

Shah agrees with her.

“Just start by saying thank you,” Shah said. “And why don’t we just tell them how much they are appreciated and how much they are loved”

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