Bell County (FOX 44) — The Bell County Sheriff’s Department says the group, Beyond the Call of Duty, is coming to Belton to honor Major Esteban “Stevie” Ramirez, III., who died in 2021 from COVID-19 complications.

Beyond the Call of Duty is a group from Washington state that travels the country, visiting departments that have lost an officer or deputy. They bring a massive trailer that is decorated with the pictures of the law enforcement officers.

Ramirez started his career with the Sheriff’s Department as a jailer in 1989, and was a dedicated servant to the citizens of Bell County for the last 32 years.

The Sheriff’s Department says Major Ramirez touched the lives of many, and is already sorely missed. Updates detailing the service for Major Ramirez will be released once arraignments are made.

Beyond the Call of Duty will hold a special ceremony Saturday, June 12th at 4 p.m. in front of the Bell County Jail, 1201 Huey Dr., in Belton.