KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) – For the first time in over two years the Killeen community was able to take part in “Celebrate Killeen”.

“Celebrated the diversity of the local talent that we have in our community, the food trucks, the businesses. So we just all come together and just have a good time and enjoying our Killeen history,” Levallious Hamilton, community coordinator.

“It’s nice to know who we work with so that when we do need those partnerships and know that we can build that community relations. And it’s good for the girls know that diversity and everything to let them know that, you know, love comes into all different kind of shapes and color. And it’s just not about just one color, one person. It’s about everybody,” says the Killeen Trojan’s coach.

Folks came out to check out their local vendors and watch live entertainment.

“The performers are right here in central Texas, right here in Killeen. And we do have a few performers that have come from other places outside of Killeen as well,” says Hamilton.

Performers like Killeen native Ladon Wigz was able to go on stage today.

“This is where I came from, I started in Austin, but as soon as I got a chance, I came back to come in to help grow my comedy community. That’s a beautiful thing to see people together because it’s been a while,” says local comedian Ladon Wigz.

The pandemic caused the event to shut down the past two years and Levallois Hamilton community coordinator says they had to make some changes since then celebrate Killeen is now in the downtown area.

“It’s the second day out here so far so good you know, it’s very different now that everything is opened back up, but we’re enjoying it and our girls are loving it.”

“Celebrate Killeen” will have its final event on Saturday, from 12pm to 8pm. All entertainment, performances and film showcases will occur at the main stage on 100 E. Avenue C downtown