NOLANVILLE, Texas (Fox 44) — Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, the Central Bell County Fire and Rescue has turned it up a degree with their back-to-school bash.

Volunteer fire fighters hosted members of the community for games inside the station along with a visit from the paw patrol fire fighter.

Assistant Fire Chief Robert Hadrick said after receiving so much support from the community, his team is happy to give back.

“It’s really wasn’t for us,” he told Fox 44 News. “It was kind of just our way of trying to give back and got to do something for the community, for the kids.”

He started in the department when he was 16. He says it was events like today’s that drew him to this line of work.

“Somebody gave us an opportunity. We all started somewhere and we were doing the best we can to make sure that these guys have an opportunity as well–to be successful.”

Snow cones and a photo booth were provided along with moon bounces, food trucks and fundraiser raffles.

“It’s the little things,” Hadrick said. “You never know what it’s gonna take to make someone’s day.”

They even gave away free bikes through their partnership with King of the Mountain Bike Shop, who donated 15 bikes.

“They were able to kind of use the bikes while they were here, and then they got to leave with them. So definitely put some smiles on the faces.”

Other free activities included fire prevention demonstration, exploring the fire engines and rescue tools, and asking the firefighters questions

“It’s a structured environment and it teaches them a little bit of responsibility. They get to learn and they get to do some really cool stuff that, you know, I know when I was a little boy growing up, you know, I see the fire truck driving down the street and I’m like, I want to do that.”