BELTON, Texas (Fox 44) — The Central Texas State Fair has been going on for 35 years, and each year it brings in tens of thousands of people from all over.

The fair had everything from a carnival to concerts, exhibits, food, professional bull riding and more.

“You should come to the fair, it’s really fun,” attendee Brooke Sawyer said.

This is Alana Levy’s first time at the fair, and she enjoyed the rides.

“I really like it,” Levy said. “I know there’s different kinds of fairs in the world, so like this one is really good. I like it.”

Sawyer agrees.

“The fair was really fun,” Sawyer said. “The scariest one is probably the one over there. It’s the green one where it spins in circles, and it goes up and down. I had to cover my face with my hat because it’s so scary.”

For Sydney Hasha, the fair means an opportunity to share her love of agriculture with others.

“Agriulture leads our nation today,” Hasha said. “Agriculture is very important, and we all need to know about it for the betterment of our country.”

She loves having the opportunity to expose kids to different animals.

“Seeing the kids light up, they ask about the livestock industry and how to get into the goat world. It’s just a great time for the kids to learn and see different animals.”

Last labor day weekend, the fair brought in over 30,000 people.

Executive director Tim Stephens says they’re on track to hit that number again this year.

“There’s just a lot of different entertainment, and it’s, as we say, something fun for everyone,” Stephens said. “It’s a very affordable event for people to come to.”

The gates close Sunday at midnight.