KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) – An overnight fire shut down popular Killeen restaurant C&H Hawaiian Grill today.

Owner Hensan Timo says he has never experienced anything like this in the 17 years of his business, and he is still processing what happened.

“He texted me and said I don’t know if you know this but the Fire Department is on it’s way to your restaurant. It’s burning!, Timo said.

Timo says he received a text from a friend in law enforcement who informed him about the fire.

Prior to that, an employee told him they saw a video of the restaurant burning on Facebook.

“The first thing that came to my mind is did [I] leave anything plugged, or left anything on,” Timo said. “They checked and they went through everything, and everything was unplugged. Of course it was good to find out it didn’t start from the kitchen.”

Timo says the restaurant closed about an hour before the Killeen Fire Department responded around 9:15 p.m.

Law officials seized the restaurants camera to help with the investigation on the cause of fire.

“My main concern is I have employees at this job that their families depend on this job. So whatever stuff that was lost in there that can be replaced,” Timo said. “I am more concerned about these workers and their families.”

He says they actually planned to start remodeling the restaurant next week, but they didn’t expect a situation like this to happen; which will push them back.

Even with no lights, water covered floors, and the smell of smoke customers still pulled into the parking lot ready to eat, not realizing it was closed.

“The support from this community and all the surrounding cities has been unbelievable, and so I am very very grateful for that,” Timo said. “That’s part of the reason why we are trying to get this up and running.”

Timo says displaced employees from the location 412N. Fort Hood Street, will be relocated to the new location in Harker Heights.

In addition, another temporary building for to go orders that can be used until this location is ready again.