TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) — Emotions were high as Temple leaders, Eighth Street Baptist Church members, and family and friends of the late Rev. Roscoe C. Harrison Jr., Gathered to remember his life long legacy.

Those in attendance took turns sharing personal stories that spoke to his character, the lives he touched, and sharing many of his noteworthy accolades.

Long time friend and advocate for the street renaming Bennie Walsh, shared with FOX 44 News why this tribute is a milestone.

“To come outside here in this nice day. And to unveil the street sign, it has just made the day fulfilled and I appreciate that. I appreciate all the people that stuck around through it all just to make sure they see this momentous history being done right here,” shared Walsh

Rev. Harrison was known for his many roles and trail-blazing career. He was an award winning journalist who was the first black anchor at KCEN- TV, apart of a Pulitzer Prize winning team, the first to integrate the Carnegie Belton Library, and a role several say he was most proud of, preaching for twenty years as the Pastor for Eighth Street Baptist Church.

Temple Mayor Tim Davis spoke to the impact and importance of the streets renaming.

“Roscoe has always been a great civic and community leader here. He was the first African-American in this area to do many things. So to rename this street that runs just south of Eighth Street Baptist Church after Roscoe Harrison is is quite an honor and a privilege.”

The City of Temple plans to continue growing the East side of the community with big plans in store. Noting that the street renaming of Rev. Harrison Jr., is one of the first of big changes coming.

Bennie Walsh leaves us all with one last message about history and continuing legacies.

“Remember Roscoe Harrison. Remember him. And days to pass. This street sign should be here forever. If they don’t know him, you tell them about him. This history is history, the things he had done. So remember Roscoe.”