TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) — The Family Promise of Bell County hosted an open house today, to share with the community their new facility.

The non-profit organization is gearing up to fully open and service those in need with their new home by the end of the month.

The Family Promise organization started serving homeless families roughly 18 years ago. The current Board of Directors have aimed since then to advance the program by inquiring how they could serve more kids and families at a better level.

Now, organizers have established the Promise House to help children and families achieve sustainable independence through a community based response.

FOX 44 spoke with Family Promise of Bell County Executive Director Rucker Preston about the what this new facility means to their organization.

“The worst thing about our job is having to turn a family away saying we don’t have space. So this more than doubles our occupancy for families and then also gives them the dignity of just a beautiful building. So it’s everything you need for a family experiencing homelessness.”

The organization addresses six major topics with families within the facilities program: past traumatic experiences, school and daycare accessibility, transportation assistance, financial literacy, and stable housing.

These topics prepares them for steady independence after they graduate from the program.

Board of Directors member Josh Olvera shares why community involvement makes the difference for not only families within the program but volunteers too.

“Often times when you volunteer in a ministry like this, you think it’s going to be a one way street. But with the way the program is set up, with the way that the volunteers interact with the families, there is just as much transformation happening to the volunteer as there is to the families being served.”

Volunteers have multiple opportunities to assist families and kids ranging from cooking meals, playing games, reading books, helping with homework, and providing safety.

For those wondering how your impact will make the difference…

“Whatever gaps may exist in the city, those are going to be bridged,” promises Olvera.

The Promise House plans to be fully open to the public after Christmas.

For more information on donations and volunteering, you can visit here.