TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – This hot Texas summer has many people emphasizing the importance of staying safe from the heat. But, not everyone has the resources to do that.

A tip many people recommend to beat heat related illnesses is to keep yourself cool whether that be jumping in the pool or going indoors. Temple has made some places free so more people have access to those places.

“We strive to help our community whenever and however we can,” Public relations specialist Alex Gibbs said. “During this time where Central Texas is experiencing high temperatures, as it does every year, we encourage residents to visit our facilities.”

Locations that are now free to the public include Clark Swimming Pool, Walker Swimming Pool, and Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum.

“Basically what the city did is us and its leaders got together, and we evaluated what could be provided while staffing is available and if possible, at no cost to the participant during this time,” Gibbs said.

The City chose Clark and Walker Swimming Pools mainly because they had adequate staff to accommodate an influx in patrons.

“There’s going to be a lot of people that come to these pools or come to these areas,” Gibbs said. “We want to make sure it has more staff. Everybody can be helped at any time and that everything can kind of be taken care of. The bigger the crowds, the bigger the staff.”

Locations that are continuing to be free include the Santa Fe Plaza Fountain, the four splash pads, and the Temple Public Library.

“It’s always important that those facilities are definitely affordable for families to enjoy, especially if they might not have the biggest budget during the summer,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs says city leaders recognize how important it is to keep as many people safe from heat related illnesses as possible.

“Especially in the heat like this, we just wanted to make sure we provided the opportunity for folks to come in and do something fun, but most importantly, cool down for this exhausting heat,” Gibbs said.

These facilities will continue to be free until Sunday, August 14.

Many cooling centers are also open in Temple.