BELTON, Texas (FOX 44) — The fundraiser for the removal of the confederate soldier statue on the Northwest corner of Courthouse Square kicked off today.

As promised, newly elected Bell County Precinct 4 Commissioner Minor, orchestrated a fundraising event for the relocation of the confederate statue. Inviting all for donations and an open forum to discuss with Bell County residents the future of the figure.

“We can disagree on things and talk about things and discuss things, but I think doing stuff like this, isn’t good for our country. I would love to sit down and talk with anyone that wants to keep the statue here,” said Minor.

Members of the community showed up in support of relocating the controversial statue that is a reminder of confederate history for some in Bell County.

“Every time I walk down here, and that’s all the time, and look at this statue. It reminds us of my ancestors, how they were hung, beaten, and mistreated,” shared Bell County Coalition of Black Democrats President Shirley Fleming.

Bell County resident Ray Garcia also weighed in on her feelings toward the statue.

“There’s a lot of Latinos that live here. There’s a lot of Black people that live here. And to see that these statues all around the courthouse are still up, it’s just, it’s really jarring, just as a young person, to know that these ideologies are still present,” said Garcia.

Also in attendance was a heavy presence of those in opposition of relocating the statue, protesting that it is an honorable part of Bell County’s history for reasons not related to slavery.

“To tear down a statue devoted to veterans is disrespectful to veterans, and it also removes the ability of us as a community to talk about slavery so that we don’t engage in that disgusting activity ever again in our lives,” shared Bell County resident CJ Grisham.

Today, Bell County Commissioner Minor donated $1,000 for the statues relocation and is encouraging the community to donate and contribute to the financial goal of reaching $150,000.

You can visit here or here for more information on donations for the relocation of the confederate soldier statue.

You can also make a check payable to the Louie Minor Campaign and mail to it 1808 E. Rancier Avenue Killeen, TX 76541.