HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (FOX 44) – Today, the city of Harker Heights came together to honor veterans with a memorial ceremony and remembrance walk at Carl Levin Park.

The walk is a preview to Memorial Day and an opportunity for the community of Harker Heights to come together and show it’s appreciation.

Honoring service members is nothing new for the city of Harker Heights with its close proximity to Fort Cavazos. However, this is only the second year of the ceremony after years of memorial day parades.

The park was lined with 140 flags serving as a walk of reflection for many. It was an emotional morning for many in attendance with personal connections to loved ones who died serving.

Parks and Recreation direction Jeff Achee says, “Us as a city, I think it’s just doing things like this because I think the appreciation, because we’re such a big military community’s already there. And so we just want to do things that can get people together to honor those that have lost their lives.”