KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) — The tensions between China and Taiwan have been brewing for almost a hundred years. Now, many are concerned that with the Russia Ukraine war, China could take matters into its own hands and it would affect all of us at the economic level.

“And so the question is, at what point might china try to have an amphibious invasion of Taiwan,” Texas A&M Central Texas History Professor Jerry Jones said.

As the tensions continue to rise, some lawmakers are becoming concerned that with the war in Ukraine, China may take the advantage to invade Taiwan. Dr. Jones says this is a possibility.

“If the west is thoroughly distracted by a very dangerous war in Europe, might that give the Chinese an opening to take Taiwan,” he said.

He says there is a caveat to this plan, as the world has seen Russia lose soldiers and weapons to a much smaller country, and there would be parallels to the war playing out now in Europe.

Now the question is: how would a Chinese invasion in Taiwan affect the United States?

“Taiwan produces 92% of the most sophisticated semiconductor in the world,” Texas A&M Central Texas Economics Professor Robert Tennant said.

Dr. Tennant says if there was a takeover of Taiwan, it would create a massive supply chain issue due to the manufacturing of those semiconductors.

“We see it with our supply chains, whether it be fuel, whether it be people trying to get baby formula for their kids,” he said. “So now imagine that for every last piece of technology.”

Dr. Tennant recommended that although we are unsure of what will come from the rising tensions in the pacific, that consumers should be proactive in case a conflict arises and we begin to see a shortage in items with semiconductors.

“If it’s time to update your phone, you might want to consider doing it as opposed to waiting another six months or a year,” he explained. “Again, normal things that you would be doing, but you may be slightly procrastinating at.”