Belton, TX (FOX 44) — After years of false starts and delays, jury selection for the Marvin Guy Capital Murder trial has now started.

Nearly 150 possible jurors came to the Bell County Justice Center Monday to begin the process of who will determine if Marvin Guy is guilty or innocent.

Guy is facing a capital murder charge in the death of Killeen police detective Charles Dinwiddie.

On May 9, 2014 Dinwiddie was the SWAT leader who directed a no knock drug raid on Guy’s apartment.

A shootout immediately followed ending in Dinwiddie’s death.

Nine years and five months later, guy has stayed in the Bell County Jail.

In May, FOX 44 spoke with Marvin Guy’s brother Garrett Galloway after the trial was delayed.

Galloway maintains his brother acted in self defense and wants to see him released.

“When he gets out we’re going to get out of Texas. We’re gonna hop in my truck and get up out of Texas,” said Galloway.

No drugs were found at Guy’s apartment during the raid.

If found guilty of capital murder, Guy can face life in prison.

Final jury selections will be done on Thursday after the prosecution and defense go over Monday’s questionniares.

Judge Gaunt is moderating this process and says trial will start on Monday and expects the trial to end by November 21.