Waco, TX (FOX 44) — The Killeen municipal court has arrested several people in the first week of its arrest warrant roundup.

The court partnered with the Killeen Police Department to address the 4,000 active warrants in the city.

The Killeen municipal court has been asking individuals since last June to come to the court and pay their fines.

After giving multiple chances the court is now taking an active approach.

“From February 27 – March 12, the Killeen municipal court’s warrant roundup will be in full effect,” said Killeen Municipal Judge Kris Krishna. “Citizens who have active warrants will be targeted and arrested by the Killeen Police Department.”

Judge Krishna says their active warrant list takes up 160 pages.

In December the court offered warrant forgiveness, allowing citizens to pay their fines with all warrant fees waived.

“We had at least 109 different warrants that were cleared and that equal to about more than $58,000 back into the City of Killeen,” said Executive Director of Communications Janelle Ford.

Even with those individuals clearing their names, Ford says there are still millions in unpaid fines.

“The warrant fines added up to more than $2 million that the city could see to make sure we continue to maintain services, increase services, do whatever we need with those funds for our citizens,” said Ford.

The Killeen Police Department is using confidential information to track down those on the warrant list.

When arrested, individuals must pay fees or they will be charged for their warrant.

“We’ve had some people come in and turn themselves in still and pay their fines, so that they’re not rounded up, they’re not handcuffed, and they’re not put in jail, and that’s been great. We’ve had several people avoid arrest by coming into our courthouse,” said Ford.

Ford asks anyone who is unsure if they have a warrant to check out the online list.

Killeen will complete its warrant round up March 10, and will release final results the following Monday.