Killeen (FOX 44) — The Killeen City Council voted for an amendment to the controversial marijuana proposition that voters approved in November. The vote was 4-3.

About 70% of Killeen residents voted in favor of Proposition A, which prohibits Killeen police officers from issuing citations or making arrests for Class A or B misdemeanors.

Soon after the vote, council members agreed to put a moratorium on the decision until they could discuss amendments to the ordinance.

Tuesday night, the council amended the ordinance, eliminating the provision that prohibited police officers from considering the odor of marijuana as probably cause for any search and seizure, except in limited circumstances.

The motion, introduced by Councilwoman Jessica Gonzalez of District 1, also brings the ordinance back for review in three months. At that time, the council wants to have statistical data from the Killeen Police Department.

The Harker Heights City Council voted on November 22nd to repeal a similar ordinance passed by voters. According to the councilmembers, they made the decision because the ordinance goes against the Texas Constitution.

The organization Ground Game Texas has started a petition drive to reverse the Harker Heights City Council’s decision.