KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) — Council members agreed to put a moratorium on the decision until December 6th. This will allow the council time to discuss amendments to the ordinance.

About 70% of Killeen residents voted in favor of Proposition A, which prohibits Killeen police officers from issuing citations or making arrests for class A or B misdemeanors.

After the midterm elections Killeen police department put a halt on low-level marijuana enforcement.
However, the city attorney informed the council members how this could cause legal trouble for the city as it is still illegal in the state of Texas.

“I would hope that at some point that the state takes the lead and makes making uniform throughout the state. So we don’t have different jurisdictions with different rules where there’s two houses or four houses or there’s in a car, you can search for those searched. So I’m really proud our council is going to least take the time for the citizens of Killeen to get it right,” Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble.

Chief Kimble hopes that by postponing the decision, it will help clarify the ordinance and that it will be in the best interest of the safety of the residents of the city of Killeen.

Chief Kimble says after Tuesday night’s discussion, the special order will be removed until there is clarification on the ordinance.