KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44)- In a simulated drill that all participants hope never comes to pass, Killeen ISD Police converged Thursday afternoon on an elementary school in Killeen to take down an active shooter.

Killeen ISD Police practiced their active shooter training at former Bellaire campus, in the drill officers responded to a scenario that there was a shooter on the playground.

“We’re always trying to get them through as much active shooter training above what is really required by the state because like I said, we want them to be as well trained as possible,” says Killeen ISD Police Chief Ralph Disher.

During the training scenario, officers entered the hallway following the gunshots in one of the classrooms, they entered the room and found the intruder where they then exchanged gunfire and eliminated the shooter.

KISD Police used simulated weapons during the training exercise. Police officers trained with simulated 9 mm handguns and chalk-tipped rounds. The weight of the weapon is the same as the actual guns that officers carry.

“This is same size weight has the same, same type of, of clip and we use simulated ammunition and it’s the same as the ammunition that we carry. It’s just got a tip to the end of it area,” says Disher.

Officers have taken hour long courses in active shootings which include a hands on approach like the drill conducted on Thursday afternoon. As part of the drill, officers evaluate surveillance video of previous shootings such as Uvalde.

“That as a training tool with our supervisors and then down to our officers as well, not as a gotcha kind of thing, but to learn from it,” says Disher.

KISD says this will not be a one time training.

“On professional development days when we have no students in the buildings going and using different various campuses throughout the district because we want them to become familiar with the different campuses,” says Disher.

KISD Police Chief Disher hopes to get police officers prepared for situations they never have to experience.