KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) — Killeen ISD received a generous $18 million donation from well-known philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. Scott says its because of the incredible work the district does on a daily basis.

“Is really, truly this is a life changing type of donation for families. For many families within Killeen,” says Killeen ISD Superintendent Dr. John Craft.

Killeen ISD Superintendent Dr. John Craft says he is humbled and grateful.

“The donation itself is not only very sizable, but it’s intended to really have a generational impact on those that have the greatest need,” says Dr. Craft

MacKenzie Scott donates $1M to local Habitat for Humanity.

Killeen ISD is one of the largest school districts in the central Texas region.

“I anticipate that, it will probably have a component of scholarships for students. And in fact, if you just kind of look at it from an investment standpoint, this has the this the size of fund has the ability to offer several hundred thousands of scholarships,” says Dr. Craft.

Killeen ISD high school students are able to get their college education while being in high school thanks to a partnership with Central Texas College and Texas A&M University-Central Texas. With this donation doctor craft hopes to help students finish getting their college diplomas.

“Its really exciting and likelihood potentially students that graduate with upwards of an associates degree with a partnership or through a partnerships with CTC to go ahead and finish that four year degree,” says Dr. Craft.

The district approved a $426 million bond package back in 2018, FOX 44 asked Dr. Craft if the district will use the money from the donation to pay back the bond.

“There’s a lot of different aspects that can be utilized I will say that the community has been very gracious and approval on those bonds and those projects are being completed as we speak,” says Dr. Craft.

Killeen ISD school board will be discussing the plans in the upcoming months, Dr. Craft hopes to have the plan approved by this spring.