TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – September 12th is National Police Woman Day, multiple police departments are honoring the contributions and sacrifices of women in law enforcement.

Temple Police Department, highlights one of their own, patrol officer Emily Labruzzo.

Officer Emily Labruzzo says being a police officer is something she knew she wanted to do from an early age.

“I grew up in a first responder family. My mom was a firefighter. My dad was a police officer. My husband’s a firefighter. And so we both wanted to stay in that first responder field,” says patrol officer Emily Labruzzo.

Labruzzo joined the Temple Police Department three years ago but little did she know she would end up getting to work alongside her father.

“It’s pretty fun. We get to swap stories and I help him out when he has questions and he helps me out and we just kind of bounce off of each other. And it’s nice to know that I have somebody that understands the same as I do,” says Labruzzo.

Out in the field, police officers see a lot of situations. Labruzzo says being a woman in uniform it can help her connect with those who need help during a vulnerable time.

“People seem to gravitate sometimes more towards females when it comes to personal stuff. Sometimes people like to relate. That is like talking to their mother or something,” says Labruzzo.

But being a woman with a badge, Labruzzo says it can also bring its challenges.

“When it comes to suspects that are males, sometimes they’ll all make their words and try and get us all riled up. It happens, but we don’t let it get to us,” says Labruzzo.

Coming into the police force Labruzzo knew it was a male-dominated profession. But working alongside her colleagues, she knows she can count of them to back her up.

“We tend to bring something else to the table, not to put down the guys that I work with because they have my back 100%,” says Labruzzo.

A message that Labruzzo wants to send out to those interested in becoming a police officer; talk to your local police department, you can possibly join them in a ride along.