TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44)– After many months of work, the Market Loop Mural Project is close to completion.

The City of Temple partnered with young artists in the city to design the concrete wall that goes towards McLane Children’s Hospital.

“The city staff is very grateful to all of the child artists, the adult artists, and other volunteers who’ve come together to make this happen,” says City of Temple Mayor Tim Davis.

Distraction is one of the best ways for children to cope with necessary medical care.

Looking at artwork has proven to be an effective distraction tool. The Market Loop Mural project is located along the main thoroughfare to the McLane Children’s Hospital (MCH) from 31st Street. This location will play a key role in providing much needed distraction for children on their way to the hospital for treatment.

The city of Temple came out Friday afternoon to celebrate the volunteer artists and children who helped make this dream a reality.

“[It is] very exciting because I’ve never had one of my drawings like come to life for other people to see,” says young artist Mahalie Johnston.

“I feel like tigers always just make people happy with how colorful and how pretty they are. And I just like drawing,” says Johnston.

“I’m like, very excited. And I choose to draw kids on my train,” says Jillian.

A part of the mural is also dedicated to the Uvalde victims.

“A volunteer artist who was so moved with emotion after the Uvalde school shooting, she reached out to city staff and asked if she could do something on the mural to honor those victims,” says Davis.

Pauline Wiepelhaus has personal ties with Uvalde, being from around the area. She felt compelled to paint a tree representing Robb Elementary. The painting has 19 apples for the children who were killed, a heart for Irma and Joe Garcia, and a butterfly for Eva Mireles.

“I know a lot of people here and have family down there, and I just wanted something from our community. So their community to show that we stand in unity with them,” says volunteer artist Pauline Wiepelhaus.

The City of Temple is planning on expanding the mural by adding some landscape as well.