Waco, TX (FOX 44) — October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and law enforcement officers are working with non-profit organizations to encourage the community to speak up.

The Texas Council on Family Violence says 216 victims were killed in domestic violence situations last year.

Families in Crisis is a Killeen non-profit dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence.

Having two facilities in Killeen and Temple, they’ve been at or near full capacity this summer and many are having a hard time restarting.

“The rent has become very expensive, so we’re noticing a lot of times they have a lot more work to do as as far as getting their documents in order to be housed,” said Suzanne Armour, Families in Crisis director of operations.

Armour says they’re seeing a lot of people needing to get their ID’s replaced in order to find housing.

On top of the increase in men reaching out for help, another trend Armour and her staff are working on is long term solutions for victims needing help.

“It used to be years ago where we might just give someone a brief place to heal and then they would be back on their own, and now we’re trying to provide longer term solutions,” said Armour.

Megan Price with the City of Temple says the police department has received many family violence cases.

In this latest trend, there’s also been a spike in assaults.

Outside physical signs of domestic violence, Price says to look for changes in behavior.

“Someone who has a lot of anxiety, agitation, a change in behavior, drug or alcohol problems that have developed, and being extremely apologetic, and being very meek are some other emotional signs to look out for,” said Price.

Additional signs to look out for in an abuser is if they have a bad temper, lack of accountability, and controlling habits.

There are resources available for anyone in a domestic violence situation.

You can call the Families in Crisis’ toll free number at 888-799-SAFE or visit their website.

Temple PD is also holding a donation drive through for victims of domestic violence on October 19.