KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) -Texans who lost their lives in the line of duty were remembered in Killeen Tuesday, at the Bell County Police Officers Memorial Ceremony.

Current officers gathered with family members focusing on the lives of those lost but also celebrating those currently serving.

“Let us never forget those who gave everything for us,” Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza said. “To those men and women in blue, God bless.”

May 15 is National Police Memorial Day, and this week is Police Memorial Week.

“Though we constantly remember them, this day and this week is set aside for them,” Killeen Chief of Police Charles Kimble said.

Chief Kimble says we live in a time of chaos and uncertainty. But, there are men and women willing to stand up and deal with it.

“They work hard,” Kimble said. “And they know that the work they do, they may actually lose their life doing it. And it takes a special person to do that.”

The Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza says the community and leaders must do everything possible to support officers. He says without them, our world turns into chaos.

Garza says his wish for those who have been left behind with tragedy see that they are cared for, and not forgotten.

“My heart bleeds for those families who have come here to come to terms with the tragedy that’s happened to them,” Garza said.

He says he wishes they never had to have a day like this, but it’s important they do.

Chief Kimble wants people to know there are hardworking, professional law enforcement officers in the community. And, to say a prayer whenever you see flashing lights going down the road.