TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – Representative John Carter (TX-31) and Mayor Tim Davis have announced $5 million in federal funding for a City of Temple sanitary overflow reduction project.

The Office of John Carter says that mature tree cover in Temple’s Knob Creek and Little Elm Creek have impacted sanitary sewer pipes in the area – which has resulted in sewer overflows.

Representative Carter secured the funding in the Interior and Environment appropriations bill, “No one really thinks about sewer pipes until they don’t work and then everyone is having a bad time. This funding will help make necessary improvements to the sewer system and protect the landscape before it becomes a bigger problem. I applaud Mayor Davis for proactively advocating for the City of Temple, and bringing this issue to my attention so I could secure this funding.”

“This partnership plays a vital role in securing the well-being of the City’s wastewater collection system,” said City of Temple Mayor Tim Davis. “It is our goal to continue providing quality water and wastewater services to our residents.”

The Office says that of the $5 million, $3 million will go towards Knob Creek and $2 million will go towards Little Elm Creek.