TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – UPDATE: The Robinson Family Farm has received an “all clear” from the Bell County Fire Marshal to reopen this weekend.

The Farm said on Wednesday that it will be honoring any tickets which were used this past Saturday, October 15. They have been “un-scanned,” and will be redeemable at any one-time during the remainder of its season. The Farm has also added an additional weekend for visitors. Tickets can be purchased online at a discount at therobinsonfamilyfarm.com.

The Farm has also received an “uncountable number of emails” – in addition to phone calls, and website inquiries – as they help the families who lost their cars.

This comes after a fire sparked in the parking area of the farm around 1 p.m. Saturday, causing mass destruction of the attendees cars. In total, 73 vehicles were damaged or destroyed. Four firefighters and two civilians were evaluated and released by EMS on scene for heat related injuries and an anxiety attack.

Although the cause is still under investigation by the Bell County Fire Marshal, initial reports say the cause could have been from an incorrectly-disposed cigarette. When asked if there was any concern about legalities with insurance companies or individual attendees, Robinson says this is something none of them have experienced, and they are all learning together.

The Farm is also accepting donations of car seats and other needs for the attendees who lost their vehicles in Saturday’s fire.