TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) — Temple Fire and Rescue have been hard at work on Thanksgiving Day to protect and serve the community.

From assisting with wrecks to serving hot meals to those in need.

“It’s hard being here away from our families, but at the same time it’s nice being able to be out there in the community and spend time with the people that aren’t quite as fortunate as some others,” says Temple firefighter Justin Randle.

It’s not the typical 9 to 5 job but they enjoy helping out their community.

“While we’re on shift, you know, this is our home away from home. So it was nice to spend time with the community,” says Temple firefighter Brian Sutherland.

Over the years, working side by side each other, these first responders say they are grateful for their work family.

‘Our department’s been pretty fortunate. No one’s been seriously hurt. So I’m really blessed about that. And just the camaraderie and whatnot we have in this department,” says Sutherland.

While working the long shift, each fire fighter say they can’t help but feeling thankful for their families.

“This year I’m most thankful for probably my daughter. She’s 11 months, so most thankful for her and my family and my job,” says Randle.

And while the holidays have just begun, Temple Fire wants to remind you to be safe.

“Make good choices and all of your choices usually affect other people. So, you know, there’s a tendency to over do it through the holidays. So the advice to just remember, you know, have fun, but do it safely,” says Temple firefighter, Tommy Smith.